विपशना का मेरा अनुभव अंग्रेजी में |RePost

It is my first mythological and spiritual experience of life.Most of the people always told me to join Yoga and I refused and answered those as “Yoga is summation of mind and body”. But After Vipassana I realized many thing that Yoga is second and continuous body exercise.Vipassana is an exercise of mind.  Body is after mind. When we have control and balanced mind. We can focus also Yoga and body parts automatically for good healthy body.
For Example, You have no control on your eating habit while you want to control and always have stomach pain and weight gaining problem.Most of people tells you that you should apply this idea.It will really work. You try those idea unwillingly and after sometime it will left and forget automatically without knowing you. When someone remembered about this idea you will say,”Alas!!! today I was forget to take the dose.” This answer will always repeat after two days. One day you will left this or that idea forever.
But after joining Vipassana and taking in daily practice, You will find real cause of problem and way to solve it. If you forget to take medicine, you will get the real and actual cause of behind it and right path. You will solve problem automatically. It is a nature that no one want to harm yourself and other. 
Vipassana is a research by Siddartha Gautam during his life after leaving home. He was different in nature by birth. He always disturbed due to something and want real and actual calm. He had all thing as a prince of Good State but his mind not calm. He studied to find the cause behind it and get the knowledge of world,nature,people mind. But Problem still remained in disturbed condition. Siddartha left his beautiful wife and lovely son to find the real cause of his disturbed mind and get the actual experience of life and analysis it. After analyzing the outer world, he again felt pain in your life. After that, He took a great Samadhi to analyze the black hole in his mnd and body. He find the real and actual cause behind it. He did practical on his mind and body to get this result and spread it in real life.
What do I get from 10 days Seminar/Camp of Vipassana?
  1.  Ability to watch not only positive attitude but also Optimum Positive attitude or to make attitude something
  2. Ability to find the evils of mind
  3. Ability not only to accept but also how to better react on it
  4. Ability to analyze more correctly
  5. Ability to real calm not only for me but other also
  6. Ability to practice Dharm in real and actual practice
  7. My Journey will take second move to find real and actual truth because I had spend my three year to get this knowledge and sharing my ideas among my friend to hear their evils based on my sensual feelings. Vipassana had ended most of my question and answer same as mine.   
ब्लॉग पर दोबारा पोस्ट किया गया है मूल पोस्ट २५ नवम्बर २०१२


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